Visa Applications

Guanco Başkonsolosluğu 08.01.2016

I) E-VISA (For Chinese Nationals)

There is no change with the “Electronic Visa” (e-visa) facility for the Chinese nationals.

Chinese nationals can apply and obtain their e-visas either through or within few minutes.

E-visas are for tourism and business purposes only.

E-visa grants single-entry permit and 30-day stay in Turkey.


Visa applications of NON-CHINESE nationals must be made online through

The new procedure explained in Article IIIbelow does also apply fortheNON-CHINESE visa applicants.


Multiple entry visas and special types of visas (work, study, machinery assembly, archaeological excavation etc.) continue to be issued by the relevant Turkish Embassies or Consulates-General.

However, as of 6 January 2016, a new application procedure has been launched for such visas. According to the new procedure, such visa applications must be first submitted online at

Applicants will be required to;

(a) Upload supporting documents, as appropriate, as part of their application at the said website,

(b) Schedule an appointment for an interview at the relevant Turkish Consulate or Embassy,

(c) Visit the relevant Turkish Embassy or Consulate-General on the date of the appointment to complete the application process.

Please note that the originals of all the uploaded documents as well as the printout of the application form must be provided during the interview.

Application fee will not be retured to the applicant if the visa application is rejected.

For any queries about the new application procedure, please contact the Consulate-General through


Mehmet Kurtuluş Aykan Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:30

Telephone calls for urgent matters only. Please kindly send your inquiries via e-mail through
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