Joint Declaration Of The Grand National Assembly Of Turkey Following The Foiled Coup Attempt

Guanco Başkonsolosluğu 21.07.2016



16 July 2016

We, the Justice and Development Party, Republican People's Party, Peoples' Democratic Party and Nationalist Movement Party, condemn in the strongest terms the attempted coup d'Etat against our beloved nation, the national will, our State (particularly against members of parliament representing the national will), the Veteran Assembly; and we condemn the attacks against the Assembly which began on the night of 15 July and were quashed by the morning of 16 July.

Our nation stood against and thwarted this bloody coup attempt in a way which set an example to the whole world. This beloved nation, which protected the Republic of Turkey and its institutions at the cost of its life, deserves every praise and appreciation. We, the whole nation, are grateful to the martyrs who gave their lives for this cause and we will never forget these heroes.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, in its capacity as the representative of this beloved and brave nation and acting with the authority given to it by the nation, fulfilled its duty under attack from bombs and bullets, and demonstrated, once again, that it is a parliament worthy of the nation.

It should be remembered that the GNAT led the Independence War, ensured Turkey's transition to democracy, developed the democratic parliamentary system, and fought to raise the nation out of destitution and poverty to make it a member of modern civilization.

Our Assembly stood, with one heart as a single body against the coup with great courage and dignity. It provided the necessary response to the coup plotters, and the necessary message to the world.

The resolve shown by the GNAT against this sinister attempted coup d'Etat is of great value to the further cementing and development of democracy in Turkey.

Everyone should know that any future attempt of aggression against our nation, the national will, or the Veteran Assembly will run up against the GNAT’s steely resolve, as it has done today.

The GNAT will continue to reflect the nation's unwavering belief in democracy.

The resistance of all party groups in the Assembly to the coup attempt through a united position and with one voice is truly significant and will put its stamp on history. This united position and single voice will further strengthen our nation and national will.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is at work with one heart.

The National Assembly will make those who staged such an attack against the nation and its sovereignty pay the heaviest price within the boundaries of the law.

This joint declaration is the most tangible proof that nothing will ever be the same in Turkey.

Despite our differences, we, all four political parties, stand by the national will with all our MPs and our entire organizations, and protect and shall protect the national forever.

Our nation should rest assured.

The Assembly and deputies of the Nation did not let fall and will not let fall what was entrusted to them by the nation.

Once again, we condemn in the strongest terms the attack against our democracy, our nation and the GNAT, which embodies the national will. We ask our people to avoid any act of violence, which goes beyond the limits of democratic reaction and does not befit our country.

We remember with respect, gratitude and mercy our martyrs who fell while resisting the coup. We wish a speedy recovery to those wounded and to our nation.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to salute all brotherly and friendly countries which stood by Turkey and our nation and conveyed messages of support in these difficult times.

•Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, İsmail Kahraman

•Justice and Development Party Group Chairman, Binali Yıldırım

•Republican People's Party Group Chairman, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

•Nationalist Movement Party Group Chairman, Devlet Bahçeli

•People’s Democratic Party Group Acting Chairman, İdris Baluken


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