Informative Note On Declaration Of "the State Of Emergency" In Turkey

Guanco Başkonsolosluğu 22.07.2016


Turkey has experienced a bloody coup attempt aiming at overthrowing the democratically-elected government and the constitutional order in Turkey.

Among others, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Presidential Palace were bombed by the perpetrators who were using hijacked fighter jets and attack helicopters. Civilians who were resisting the coup attempt on the streets were directly aimed at and shot dead by machine guns and even by canon fire from the hijacked tanks.

The coup attempt claimed the lives of
246 Turkish citizens, including more than 60 security personnel. A total of 2185 Turkish citizens were also wounded.

Solid evidencesclearly show that the coup attempt was plotted and staged by Fethullah Gülen community which had formerly been declared in Turkey as a terrorist organization, i.e. Fethullahist Terrorist Organization(FETÖ).

Over the years, FETÖ has created an undercover network in the Turkish Military as well as in several State organs. This organization has also created a broad network of members or sympathizers in foreign countries.

The foiled coup attempt is the latest criminal act revealing the real motivations of FETÖ as well as the big and enduring threats that it is still posing.


It is evident that Turkey and its overall Government structure has been facing serious and multi-dimensional security threats since the coup attempt on 15 July 2016. Hence the risks against the public order still endure.

Extraordinary threats and risks cannot be defeated or neutralized by ordinary measures.

As from 21/7/2016, the Council of Ministers of Turkey has declared a “state of emergency” in Turkey for 90 days.

This measure was taken on the basis of Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

“State of emergency” is a measure permissible under the international law, including UN and European Human Rights Conventions.

According to the Turkish Constitution, all legislative decrees made by the Government during the “state of emergency” must be submitted to the approval of the National Assembly on the very same day.

During this “state of emergency”in Turkey, expedited elimination and neutralization of FETÖ, with all its undercover network and structure, will be the major objective, while the ultimate goal of the Governmentwill remain to be the protection of the democracy, constitutional order and the fundamental rights and freedoms in Turkey.

“State of emergency” will be conducted in observance with the international human rights commitments of Turkey, while the rule of law will continue to be upheld.


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