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Consul General M. Kurtuluş Aykan was born in İstanbul, 1965.

Consul General Aykan received his Bachelor Degree with High Honours in Public Administration (International Relations) at Middle East Technical University and Master Degree in International Political Economy (as scholarship student) at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Consul General Aykan, assumed responsibilities in various divisions of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, and also he served under various positions at the Turkish Representations abroad such as Turkish Embassy in Islamabad [1995-1997, Third Secretary], Turkish Embassy in The Hague [1997-2000, Second Secretary], Turkish Embassy in Tripoli [2001-2005, First Secretary], Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building (CICA) [2006-2008, Deputy Executive Director], Turkish Embassy in Bangkok [2008-2011, Counselor, First Counselor], Turkish Embassy in The Hague [2013-2017, Minister Counselor].

Consul General Aykan assumed duties in Turkish Embassy in Kabul (1996), Turkish Consulate General in Benghazi (2001), Turkish Embassy in Caracas (2013), Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou (2017) and Turkish Consulate General in Mashhad (2018) in various periods as charge d'affaires and acting head of the mission. Prior to joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he served as an Expert in NATO (Brussels) between 1990-1993. He is serving as the Consul General of the Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou since 01/09/2019 and promoted as Consul General (First Class) as of 15/01/2021.

Consul General M. Kurtuluş Aykan is married. He speaks English and French.


Mehmet Kurtuluş Aykan Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:30

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