E-visa For Chinese Citiziens

Guanco Başkonsolosluğu 30.08.2013



通过e-visa(电子签证)系统,符合条件的中国公民将可以从网上获取签证,不再需要到土耳其领事馆申请办理。自2013年5月15日起,持有效申根签证或有效OECD(经济合作与发展组织)成员国签证或以上所述国家有效居留许可的中华人民共和国护照持有人将可从以下网站:www.evisa.gov.tr 获取单次进入土耳其境的电子签证(申请人护照将无需粘贴签证标签,然而,申请人仍可自行打印出成功申请到的电子签证)。



Turkey has decided to include the Chinese citizens, who are meeting certain conditions, in its newly introduced e-visa system, as a gesture of Turkey's goodwill in facilitating the visa procedures between the two countries.

The e-visa system will allow the Chinese citizens to obtain their visas online, without having to apply to the Turkish Consulates. With this new system, starting from May 15, 2013, Chinese citizens holding valid Schengen or OECD member state visas or residence permits can obtain their single entry visas to Turkey electronically from the following website: www.evisa.gov.tr (There will be no physical visas issued on the passport of the applicants. However, applicants can print out their electronically issued visas).

The e-visa costs 15 Euros/20 USD and will allow the holder to stay up to 30 days in Turkey.

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