Announcement Regarding The Entry Regulations To Türkiye Due To Covid-19 Pandemic | 土耳其延长入境核酸检测要求

Guanco Başkonsolosluğu 01.03.2021

In order to control the number of COVID-19 cases in our country, the existing implementation of PCR test requirement at the entrance through the border gates has been extended to 26 May 2021.

-Starting from 30 December 2020, all passengers that are 6 years old and older will be required to submit a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result done within the last 72-hours prior to departure of their inbound flight to Türkiye. Passengers who do not provide negative PCR tests will not be allowed to embark on the plane.

-Negative PCR test results of all passengers arriving by land and sea routes will be checked at entry points.

- Passengers who do not provide negative PCR test upon entry to Türkiye will be quarantined at the address ( home, hotel etc.) that they have declared to for accommodation, those who do not declared address in Turkey will be quarantined at the venues selected by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

- On the 7th day upon arrival, the passengers under quarantine will undergo COVID-19 tests. Quarantine will be completed for those having negative test results. Passengers having positive test results will be treated in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

-PCR test requirement is not applicable for transit and transfer passengers and there will be no PCR test requirement and quarantine for flight crew, truck drivers and seaman.

Respectfully announced.

Consulate General of Turkey in Guangzhou


- 20201230日起,所有6岁及以上旅客搭乘空中航班来土,均需提交入境前72小时内所完成的新冠病毒核酸检测(PCR)阴性结果证明。未能提供核酸检测阴性结果证明的旅客将不被允许登机。

- 经陆路及水路入境的所有旅客须在入境点出示核酸检测阴性结果证明。

- 在入境点无法出示核酸检测阴性结果证明的旅客将于其申报住宿地址(居家、酒店等)接受隔离,没有申报住宿地址的旅客将于土耳其卫生部指定地点进行隔离。

- 隔离期间,旅客将于到达后第七天进行新冠病毒测试。检测结果呈阴性者可结束隔离,结果呈阳性者将按照土耳其卫生部新冠病毒防疫指导要求接受治疗。

- 核酸检测要求不适用于过境及转机旅客,对航空机组人员、货车司机及海员也不作出核酸检测及隔离要求。




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